Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool

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Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool
Authors: Piotr Konieczny
Citation: International Journal of Instructional Technology & Distance Learning 4 (1): 15-34. 2007 January
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Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool discuss how wikis and Wikipedia can be used as a teaching and learning.

He notes the difference between document style editing and thread style editing.

Forms of assignments for Wikipedia:

  • Create a completely new article
  • Referencing an existing article
  • Translating
  • Copying editing

Among the advantages of using a wiki:

  • "they allow users to create and change content more easily and quickly than with traditional websites do"
  • "They record each change that occurs over time"
  • "communicate easily and asynchronously" from Teaching on the wiki web

Among the negative aspects of using a wiki (cited from Raitman's article):

  • The wiki is too simple (as compared to MediaWiki)
  • "Students also feared that a malicious user could destroy their work"
  • "students display an initial lack of willingness to edit the work of others"
  • students "dislike having their own work edited and criticized"

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[edit] Critique

  1. The "Raitman (2005)" reference is missing from the bibliography
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