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Wikimania 2014
Location: London United Kingdom
Date & time: 2014


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Wikimania 2014 is the 2014 version of Wikimania, the community meeting on Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikidata, etc.

Among the speakers were Peter Murray-Rust, Rufus Pollock, Benjamin Mako Hill, Aaron Halfaker and Raph Koster.

Papers pointed to in the review of Wikipedia and Wiktionary research by Benjamin Mako Hill, Tillman Bayer and Aaron Shaw:

  1. Wikipedia usage estimates prevalence of influenza-like illness in the United States in near real-time
  2. The role of conflict in determining consensus on quality in Wikipedia articles by Kim Osman
  3. Critical mass of what? Exploring community growth in WikiProjects
  4. No praise without effort: experimental evidence on how rewards affect Wikipedia's contributor community, an experiment on Wikipedians with social rewards
  5. Paper on edit patterns and vandalism detection
  6. Colaboracao Em ... (Portugues thesis) A content quality study similar to Internet encyclopaedias go head to head
  7. The people's encyclopedia under the gaze of the sages: a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia
  8. Twelve years of Wikipedia research

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