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Wikidata is a project in connection with the MediaWiki software particular for use in Wikipedia and its structured information, such as language fix and infoboxes.

Among the developers are Denny Vrandečić and Daniel Kinzler.

Software exists in Python for interfacing with wikidata:

Data in Wikidata is available in a range of formats via the API. E.g., for getting item Q42 which is the author Douglas Noel Adams a URL can be formed with the action "wbgetentities"

[edit] Python example

import requests, json
response = requests.get("")
q = response.json()['entities']['Q42']
gender_claim = q['claims']['P21'][0]['mainsnak']['datavalue']['value']['numeric-id']

[edit] Papers

  1. From Freebase to Wikidata: the great migration
  2. Wikidata: a free collaborative knowledge base
  3. Wikidata: a new platform for collaborative data collection
  4. Wikidata: a platform for data integration and dissemination for the life sciences and beyond

[edit] External links

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  2. Wikipedia Hackthon video 2012
  3. Campus Party Europe video
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