The small world of the cerebral cortex

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The small world of the cerebral cortex
Authors: Olaf Sporns, Jonathan D. Zwi
Citation: Neuroinformatics 2 (2): 145-162. 2004
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The small world of the cerebral cortex describes an analysis of brain connectivity

Supplementary material is available from:

[edit] Data

  1. Macaque visual cortex data from Felleman and van Essen (1991), Distributed hierarchical processing in the primate cerebral cortex, slightly modified with 30 nodes and 311 connections
  2. Macaque cortex network by Young 1993 data provided by Claus Hilgetag slightly modified resulting in 71 nodes and 746 connections
  3. Cat cortex network by Scannell et al. 1999 modified (Hipp and all cortico-thalamic pathways were deleted) resulting in 52 nodes and 820 connections.

[edit] Methods

Methods used was the tools described in:

  1. Theoretical neuroanatomy: relating anatomical and functional connectivity in graphs and cortical connection matrices (2000)
  2. Graph theory methods for the analysis of neural connectivity patterns (2002)

See also the Brain Connectivity Toolbox at:

The network characteristics they consider are path length, cluster index (i.e. clustering coefficient) and cycles.

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