Temporoparietal junction

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Brain region (help)
Temporoparietal junction
Abbreviations: TPJ

Temporo-parietal junction

Category: Temporoparietal junction

Cerebral cortex
Parietal lobe
Temporal lobe


Left temporoparietal junction
Right temporoparietal junction

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The temporoparietal junction is a brain region a the border of the parietal and temporal lobe.

[edit] Papers

  1. ß-adrenergic modulation of oddball responses in humans
  2. Contributions of the human temporoparietal junction and MT/V5+ to the timing of interception revealed by transcranial magnetic stimulation
  3. Cooperation and deception recruit different subsets of the theory-of-mind network
  4. Functional connectivity during a social emotion task in adolescents and in adults
  5. Independent effects of emotion and working memory load on visual activation in the lateral occipital complex
  6. Left temporoparietal junction is necessary for representing someone else's belief
  7. Making sense of another mind: the role of the right temporo-parietal junction
  8. Multisensory convergence at human temporo-parietal junction - epicortical recording of evoked responses
  9. People thinking about thinking people. The role of the temporoparietal junction in "theory of mind"
  10. Right temporoparietal cortex activation during visuo-proprioceptive conflict
  11. Temporo-parietal junction activity in theory-of-mind tasks: Falseness, beliefs, or attention
  12. The out-of-body experience: disturbed self-processing at the temporo-parietal junction

[edit] Patients

  1. Duration and not strength of activation in temporo-parietal cortex positively correlates with schizotypy
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