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Temporal lobe
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Temporal cortex
Temporal region
Temporal regions
Temporal area
Temporal areas
Temporal cortices

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Cerebral cortex


Left temporal lobe
Right temporal lobe
Inferior temporal gyrus
Middle temporal gyrus
Superior temporal gyrus
Temporal pole
Temporoparietal junction
Anterior temporal cortex
Parahippocampal gyrus
Auditory cortex
Middle and inferior temporal gyri
Superior and middle temporal gyri

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The temporal lobe is one of the lobes of the brain. Its lateral surface is divided into:

  1. Inferior temporal gyrus
  2. Middle temporal gyrus
  3. Superior temporal gyrus

These are divided by

  1. Superior temporal sulcus
  2. Inferior temporal sulcus

In the medial temporal lobe are areas

  1. Entorhinal cortex
  2. Subiculum
  3. Hippocampus

In the occipitotemporal region is

  1. Medial occipitotemporal gyrus (lingual gyrus)
  2. Lateral occipitotemporal gyrus (fusiform gyrus)

The part of the temporal lobe that covers the insula is referred to as the temporal operculum.[1]

The most anterior part of the temporal lobe is referred to as the temporal pole.

MeSH group the auditory cortex and the parahippocampal gyrus under the temporal lobe.

[edit] Reference

  1. Lennart Heimer (1994). The human brain and spinal cord: functional neuroanatomy and dissection guide. Springer-Verlag.
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