Talairach Daemon

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Software (help)
Talairach Daemon
Description: A program for neuroanatomical labeling of Talairach coordinates
Developer: Research Imaging Institute
Language: Missing programming_language
License: Missing license
Link: http://www.talairach.org
Database(s): NITRC
Feature(s): Neuroanatomical labeling

Talairach Daemon is a program for neuroanatomical labeling of Talairach coordinates. It was developed by Jack Lancaster and Peter Fox at the Research Imaging Center of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA).

[edit] Papers

  1. Jack L. Lancaster, M. G. Woldorff, L. M. Parson, M. Liotti, C. S. Freitas, L. Rainey, P. V. Kochunov, D. Nickerson, S. A. Mikiten, Peter T. Fox (2000). "Automated Talairach atlas labels form functional brain mapping". Human Brain Mapping 10: 120-131.
  2. Jack Lancaster, Peter Kochunov, Daniel Nickerson and Peter Fox, "Stand-alone Java-based version of the Talairach daemon database system", NeuroImage, Volume 11, Issue 5, Supplement 1, May 2000, Page S923
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