Superior temporal gyrus

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Superior temporal gyrus
Abbreviations: STG GTs

Superior temporal cortex
Gyrus temporalis superior
Superior temporal
Temporal superior gyrus

Category: Superior temporal gyrus

Temporal lobe


Left superior temporal gyrus
Right superior temporal gyrus
Planum polare
Transverse temporal gyri
Planum temporale
Anterior superior temporal gyrus
Posterior superior temporal gyrus

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The superior temporal (gyrus) indicated in the middle of the image with a cyan color. From Mapping the structural core of human cerebral cortex by P. Hagmann et al. (2008), PLoS Biology.

Superior temporal gyrus is a gyrus in the temporal lobe. The superior surface is divided into three areas:[1]

  1. Planum polare
  2. Tranverse temporal gyri
  3. Planum temporale

Inferior to the superior temporal gyrus is usually the superior temporal sulcus. Sometimes the superior temporal sulcus splits into two branches with part of the superior temporal gyrus in the middle.[2]

The Harvard-Oxford Atlas parcellates the superior temporal gyrus into:

This parcellation scheme goes back to Human cerebral cortex: localization, parcellation, and morphometry with magnetic resonance imaging.

[edit] References

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