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Subcallosal region
Abbreviations: SC

Subcallosal cortex

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Cerebral cortex

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Subcallosal region is a brain region inferior to the rostrum of corpus callosum.

In Human cerebral cortex: localization, parcellation and morphometry with magnetic resonance imaging (page 359, Figure 3B) it is defined by the coronal plane at the genu of corpus callosum as the cortical region lying posterior to the plane. In their definition the frontomedial cortex lies anteriorly to the plane and the subcallosal region. The paper refers to the area both as "subcallosal region", "subcallosal cortex" and "SC" and view it as part of the medial paralimbic cortices. This definition seems to encompass more than what is typically called the subcallosal area.

[edit] Papers

  1. Morphological variability of the subcallosal area of man
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