Social Media for Social Purposes 2012

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Social Media for Social Purposes 2012 (SMfSP 2012)
Location: Copenhagen Denmark Map
Date & time: 2012-11-13 – 2012-11-14

Social Media for Social Purposes

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Social Media for Social Purposes 2012 is a scientific workshop organized by the research project Responsible Business in the Blogosphere.


[edit] Discussion topics

Starbucks and fair trade, Microsoft, trade union and temporary labor, The KitKat case of Nestlé and Greenpeace, communication constitutes organizations (CCO), cocoa plantation child slavery (BBC Panorama documentary), Mapping Online Networks of Activism (MONA), Simple Event Model and homophily.

[edit] Seminar

W. Lance Bennett 
"The logic of connective action: how are digital media changing the ways people engage in politics" with Alexandra Segerberg. Large scale digital networked action: How are they organized? what sustains it? when is it politically effective? Personalized vs. collective action discourses: "send your own message" vs "join our message". "Eat the rich". Occupy Wallstreet: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, ...[1]
Zizi Papacharissi 
"Affective streams and networked publics: mediality and engagement on Twitter". #egypt and #ows". Computerized content analysis.
Jennifer Bartlett 
"Bush blogging: social media's role in public rural issues".

[edit] References

  1. Hive plots - rational approach to visualizing networks
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