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Prediction competition

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SemEval is a workshop and text mining competition.


[edit] SemEval-2007

[edit] SemEval-2013

SemEval-2013 contained a competition on a task for Twitter sentiment analysis and sentiment analysis of SMS text messages. Accepted papers:
  1. BOUNCE: sentiment classification in Twitter using rich feature sets
  2. KLUE: simple and robust methods for polarity classification
  3. NRC-Canada: building the state-of-the-art in sentiment analysis of tweets
  4. SemEval-2013 task 2: sentiment analysis in Twitter

System submission of all participants: (97 MB)

[edit] SemEval-2014

Sentiment analysis is one of the tasks again.

It is a rerun of the 2013 version, but with new data.

  1. AUEB: two stage sentiment analysis of social network messages
  2. Citius: a naive-Bayes strategy for sentiment analysis on English tweets

[edit] SemEval 2015

  1. Webis: an ensemble for Twitter sentiment detection

[edit] Papers

[edit] Applications of SemEval data

  1. A comparative study on Twitter sentiment analysis: which features are good?
  2. AUEB: two stage sentiment analysis of social network messages
  3. Meta-level sentiment models for big social data analysis
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