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Human brain atlas

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SRI24 is a human brain atlas. It is described in:

and volume files is available from

SRI24 uses the AAL cortical parcellation map under the name SRI24/TZO as well as the LONI Probabilistic Brain Atlas under the name SRI24/LPBA40.[1]

SRI24 is distributed under CC-BY-SA license[2] and request citation of the The SRI24 multichannel atlas of normal adult human brain structure paper. (However, the LPBA40 atlas is distributed under a non-commercial license).


[edit] Content

[edit] Labels available from contains:

Nifti volume fil with size 240 x 240 x 155.
Tab-separated text file with label identifiers and brain region name
CC BY-SA 3.0 license

Generate table with Python for brain region ID and name from the text file:

import re
for line in open('sri24/LPBA40-labels.txt').readlines():
    rowelements = line.split()
    label = rowelements[0]
    name = re.sub('R ', 'Right ', re.sub('L ', 'Left ', re.sub('_', ' ', rowelements[1][1:-1]))).capitalize()
    print("|-\n| %s || [[%s]] " % (label, name))

Read and show labeled volume file:

from nipy import load_image
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
lpba40 = load_image('lpba40.nii')
plt.imshow(lpba40[:, :, 80, 0])

[edit] LONI labels

LPBA40 Neuroanatomical label
0 Background
21 Left superior frontal gyrus
22 Right superior frontal gyrus
23 Left middle frontal gyrus
24 Right middle frontal gyrus
25 Left inferior frontal gyrus
26 Right inferior frontal gyrus
27 Left precentral gyrus
28 Right precentral gyrus
29 Left middle orbitofrontal gyrus
30 Right middle orbitofrontal gyrus
31 Left lateral orbitofrontal gyrus
32 Right lateral orbitofrontal gyrus
33 Left gyrus rectus
34 Right gyrus rectus
41 Left postcentral gyrus
42 Right postcentral gyrus
43 Left superior parietal gyrus
44 Right superior parietal gyrus
45 Left supramarginal gyrus
46 Right supramarginal gyrus
47 Left angular gyrus
48 Right angular gyrus
49 Left precuneus
50 Right precuneus
61 Left superior occipital gyrus
62 Right superior occipital gyrus
63 Left middle occipital gyrus
64 Right middle occipital gyrus
65 Left inferior occipital gyrus
66 Right inferior occipital gyrus
67 Left cuneus
68 Right cuneus
81 Left superior temporal gyrus
82 Right superior temporal gyrus
83 Left middle temporal gyrus
84 Right middle temporal gyrus
85 Left inferior temporal gyrus
86 Right inferior temporal gyrus
87 Left parahippocampal gyrus
88 Right parahippocampal gyrus
89 Left lingual gyrus
90 Right lingual gyrus
91 Left fusiform gyrus
92 Right fusiform gyrus
101 Left insular cortex
102 Right insular cortex
121 Left cingulate gyrus
122 Right cingulate gyrus
161 Left caudate
162 Right caudate
163 Left putamen
164 Right putamen
165 Left hippocampus
166 Right hippocampus
181 Cerebellum
182 Brainstem

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[edit] References

  1. Construction of a 3D probabilistic atlas of human cortical structures
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