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Russell A. Poldrack (Russell Poldrack)
Affiliation: Poldrack Lab
University of Illinois
Stanford University
Location: United States of America
Position: Professor
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Russell A. Poldrack is head of his Poldrack Lab at Stanford University. Since 2009 his lab has been at the University of Texas at Austin. There he is a Director of the Imaging Research Center and Professor of Psychology and Neurobiology. He previously held the Wendell Jeffrey and Bernice Wenzel Term Chair in Behavioral Neuroscience at the Neuroscience Faculty at UCLA.

Poldrack is leading the Cognitive Atlas project [1]. Don Kalar from Poldrack's lab has developed the PubBrain Web service. Poldrack is also mangaging the OpenfMRI project

[edit] Papers

  1. Can cognitive processes be inferred from neuroimaging data?
  2. Decoding the large-scale structure of brain function by classifying mental states across individuals
  3. Discovering relations between mind, brain, and mental disorders using topic mapping
  4. From brain maps to cognitive ontologies: informatics and the search for mental structure
  5. Functional specialization for semantic and phonological processing in the left inferior prefrontal cortex
  6. Inferring mental states from neuroimaging data: from reverse inference to large-scale decoding
  7. Interactive memory systems in the human brain
  8. Region of interest analysis for fMRI
  9. Relations between the neural bases of dynamic auditory processing and phonological processing: evidence from fMRI
  10. The cognitive atlas: toward a knowledge foundation for cognitive neuroscience
  11. The neural basis of visual skill learning: an fMRI study of mirror reading

[edit] Editorial

  1. Guidelines for reporting an fMRI study

[edit] As co-author

  1. Challenge-driven attention: interacting frontal and brainstem systems
  2. Robert Bilder, Fred Sabb, D. Scott Parker, Donald Kalar, Wesley Chu, Jared Fox, Nelson Freimer, Russell A. Poldrack (2009). "Cognitive ontologies for neuropsychiatric phenomics research". Cognitive Neuropsychiatry 14(4-5): 419-450.
  3. Construction of a 3D probabilistic atlas of human cortical structures
  4. Decreasing ventromedial prefrontal cortex activity during sequential risk-taking: an FMRI investigation of the balloon analog risk task
  5. Everything you never wanted to know about circular analysis, but were afraid to ask
  6. Large-scale automated synthesis of human functional neuroimaging data
  7. Long-term test-retest reliability of functional MRI in a classification learning task
  8. Modulation of competing memory systems by distraction
  9. Neural activation during response competition
  10. Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioral remediation: evidence from functional MRI
  11. The neural basis of loss aversion in decision-making under risk
  12. Triangulating a cognitive control network using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and functional MRI
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