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Right inferior temporal gyrus

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Category: Right inferior temporal gyrus

Inferior temporal gyrus
Right hemisphere

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Right inferior temporal gyrus is the right hemisphere part of the inferior temporal gyrus in the temporal lobe.

[edit] Paper

[edit] Functional neuroimaging

  1. Brain activity during observation of actions. Influence of action content and subject's strategy
  2. Brain activity related to integrative processes in visual object recognition: bottom-up integration and the modulatory influence of stored knowledge
  3. Categorization and category effects in normal object recognition: a PET study
  4. In vivo serotonin 5HT(2A) receptor binding and personality traits in healthy subjects: a positron emission tomography study
  5. Neural basis of the retrieval of people's names: evidence from brain-damaged patients and fMRI
  6. Neural correlates of self-reflection
  7. Perceptual differentiation and category effects in normal object recognition: a PET study
  8. Reproducibility of fMRI results across four institutions using a spatial working memory task

[edit] Personality neuroimaging

  1. Gender difference in relationship between anxiety-related personality traits and cerebral brain glucose metabolism
  2. Volume of left amygdala subregion predicted temperamental trait of harm avoidance in female young subjects. a voxel-based morphometry study
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