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Richard S. J. Frackowiak (R S Frackowiak)
Affiliation: University of Lausanne
Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
MRC Cyclotron Unit
Location: Switzerland
Position: Professor
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Richard S. J. Frackowiak is a brain researcher. He is now at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in Lausanne. He was affiliated with the MRC Cyclotron Unit at Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK before moving to Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, Queen Square. He has done research with positron emission tomography.

Among his long time collaborators are Karl Friston and R. Dolan.

Frackowiak is former editor of the journal NeuroImage.

[edit] Work

  1. PET scanning
  2. PET scanning: can it help resolve management issues in cerebral ischemic disease?
  3. The cerebral metabolism of glucose and oxygen measured with positron tomography in patients with mitochondrial diseases

[edit] As coauthor

  1. A direct demonstration of functional specialization in human visual cortex
  2. A functional neuroanatomy of tics in Tourette syndrome
  3. Automatic classification of MR scans in Alzheimer's disease
  4. Brain regions associated with acquisition and retrieval of verbal episodic memory
  5. Brainstem activation specific to migraine headache
  6. Cerebral activation during the exertion of sustained static force in man
  7. Cortical and subcortical localization of response to pain in man using positron emission tomography
  8. Cortical areas and the selection of movement: a study with positron emission tomography
  9. Cortical control of saccades and fixation in man: a PET study
  10. Functional anatomy of obsessive-compulsive phenomena
  11. Hypothalamic activation in cluster headache attacks
  12. Knowing where and getting there: a human navigation network
  13. Navigation-related structural change in the hippocampi of taxi drivers
  14. Other minds in the brain: a functional imaging study of "theory of mind" in story comprehension
  15. Regional cerebral blood flow abnormalities in depressed patients with cognitive impairment
  16. The anatomy of melancholia - focal abnormalities of cerebral blood flow in major depression
  17. The left medial temporal region and schizophrenia: a PET study

[edit] External links

  1. (2009-02-18). Professor Richard Frackowiak medhistory. YouTube video with Frackowiak telling the history of his department.
  2. (2009-02-18). Professor Richard Frackowiak medhistory. YouTube video with Frackowiak speaking about voxel-based morphometry and related issues.
  3. (2009-02-18). Professor Richard Frackowiak medhistory. YouTube video of Frackowiak speaking about the history of SPM.
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