Right temporoparietal junction

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Right temporoparietal junction
Abbreviations: rTPJ RTPJ

Right temporo-parietal junction
Right temporoparietal cortex

Category: Right temporoparietal junction

Temporoparietal junction
Right parietal lobe
Right temporal lobe

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Right temporoparietal junction is the right hemisphere part of the temporoparietal junction — an area at the border between the temporal lobe and the parietal lobe.


[edit] Papers

[edit] Reviews

  1. The role of the right temporoparietal junction in social interaction: how low-level computational processes contribute to meta-cognition

[edit] Original

  1. A multimodal cortical network for the detection of changes in the sensory environment
  2. Activity in right temporo-parietal junction is not selective for theory-of-mind
  3. Are women better mindreaders? sex differences in neural correlates of mentalizing detected with functional MRI
  4. Distinct regions of right temporo-parietal junction are selective for theory of mind and exogenous attention
  5. False belief vs. false photographs: a test of theory of mind or working memory?
  6. People thinking about thinking people. The role of the temporoparietal junction in "theory of mind"
  7. Right temporoparietal cortex activation during visuo-proprioceptive conflict
  8. Temporo-parietal junction activity in theory-of-mind tasks: falseness, beliefs, or attention
  9. The out-of-body experience: disturbed self-processing at the temporo-parietal junction
  10. The role of the right temporoparietal junction in intersensory conflict: detection or resolution?
  11. The role of the right temporo-parietal junction in maintaining a coherent sense of one's body
  12. The temporoparietal junction as a part of the "when" pathway
  13. Visualizing out-of-body experience in the brain

[edit] Transcranial magnetic stimulation

  1. Disruption of the right temporoparietal junction with transcranial magnetic stimulation reduces the role of beliefs in moral judgments
  2. Hemiextinction induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation over the right temporo-parietal junction
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