Postcentral gyrus

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Brain region (help)
Postcentral gyrus
Abbreviations: PoG postCG

Gyrus postcentralis
Postcentral G.
Postcentral Gyrus
Postcentral cortex
Postcentral gyri

Category: Postcentral gyrus

Parietal lobe


Left postcentral gyrus
Right postcentral gyrus
Brodmann area 1
Brodmann area 2
Brodmann area 3

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The Postcentral (gyrus) indicated in the middle of the image with a red color. From Mapping the structural core of human cerebral cortex by P. Hagmann et al. (2008), PLoS Biology.

Postcentral gyrus is a gyrus posterior to the central sulcus. It contains somatosensory areas.

Anterior to the postcentral gyrus is the central sulcus and posterior to the gyrus is the postcentral sulcus

In the 10-20 system the electrodes C3 and C4 may overlie the postcentral cortex, - depending on the individual anatomy.

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