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Paracingulate gyrus
Abbreviations: PAC

Paracingulate cortex
Paralimbic region

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Cerebral cortex

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Paracingulate gyrus is a gyrus that might be present in the human brain.

The paracingulate cortex has been regarded to comprise of the regions 24b', 24c' and 32' and corresponding to "a dorsal portion of the anterior cingulate and furthermore defined with The paralimbic belt of the AC is also termed the paracingulate cortex".[1]

NeuroNames defines the term "paralimbic association cortex" as "a portion of the temporal lobe defined on the basis of cytoarchitecture, myeloarchitecture and connectivity. It occupies primarily the fusiform gyrus and the polar portions of the superior temporal gyrus and the middle temporal gyrus",[2] i.e., it bears no direct relation to the paracingulate gyrus.

In the parcellation scheme of Rademacher 1992[3] the PAC (paracingulate cortex) lies between the F1 (superior frontal gyrus) and CGa (anterior cingulate gyrus) in the dorsal part, while in the more rostral and inferior part it borders FP (frontal pole), "FMC)" Frontal medial cortex and SC (subcallosal cortex). They regard the posterior border of the PAC to be SMC (supplementary motor cortex). They group the paracingulate cortex under "medial paralimbic cortices".

[edit] Papers

[edit] Structural neuroimaging

  1. Anterior cingulate volumes in never-treated patients with major depressive disorder

[edit] References

  1. Individual differences in anterior cingulate/paracingulate morphology are related to executive functions in healthy males
  3. Human cerebral cortex: localization, parcellation, and morphometry with magnetic resonance imaging
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