Occipital fusiform gyrus

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Occipital fusiform gyrus
Abbreviations: OF
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Fusiform gyrus
Occipital lobe

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Occipital fusiform gyrus is a brain region delineated in the Harvard-Oxford Atlas.

In Human cerebral cortex: localization, parcellation, and morphometry with magnetic resonance imaging the area is referred to as (OF) and "occipital fusiform gyrus and grouped under the occipital lobe as well as assocated with Brodmann area 19 and the functional area V4 (visual area 4). In that paper OF is regarded as separated from TOF (temporooccipital fusiform gyrus), LG (lingual gyrus), OP (occipital pole), OLi ("occipital lateral gyri" - probably inferior) and TO3 (inferior temporal gyrus).

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