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Personality trait
Revised NEO Personality Inventory
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Anxiety trait
Hostility trait
Depression trait
Vulnerability trait

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Neuroticism is a personality trait. It is measured with the NEO family of personality tests.

It is related to the harm avoidance trait from the Cloninger personality questionnaires.

In NEO PI-R neuroticism has the following subtraits:

  1. Anxiety (N1)
  2. Angry hostility (N2)
  3. Depression (N3)
  4. Self-consciousness (N4)
  5. Impulsiveness (N5)
  6. Vulnerability to stress/Vulnerability (N6)

A genome-wide association study among 6148 individuals pointed to rs18497010 in TMEM16D and rs362584 in SNAP25 (among others) as associated with neuroticism though neither of these showed any particular association in replication.[1]


[edit] Papers

[edit] Neuroimaging papers

  1. Amygdala gray matter concentration is associated with extraversion and neuroticism
  2. Anterior insula reactivity during certain decisions is associated with neuroticism
  3. Aversive learning in adolescents: modulation by amygdala-prefrontal and amygdala-hippocampal connectivity and neuroticism
  4. Emotional conflict and neuroticism: Personality dependent activation in the amygdala and subgenual anterior cingulate
  5. Frontolimbic serotonin 2A receptor binding in healthy subjects is associated with personality risk factors for affective disorder
  6. Inverse relationship between serotonin 5-HT1A receptor binding and anxiety: a 11C WAY-100635 PET investigation in healthy volunteers
  7. Negative association of neuroticism with brain volume ratio in healthy humans
  8. Neuroanatomical correlates of extraversion and neuroticism
  9. Neuroanatomical correlates of personality in the elderly
  10. Neuroticism modulates amygdala-prefrontal connectivity in response to negative emotional facial expressions
  11. Regional cerebral brain metabolism correlates of neuroticism and extraversion
  12. Relationship between neuroticism personality trait and serotonin transporter binding
  13. Resting brain metabolic correlates of neuroticism and extraversion in young men
  14. The complex minds of teenagers: Neuroanatomy of personality differs between sexes

[edit] Personality genetics papers

  1. Genome-wide association scan for five major dimensions of personality
  2. Neuroticism is not associated with the serotonin transporter (5-HTTLPR) polymorphism
  3. Neuroticism mediates the association of the serotonin transporter gene with lifetime major depression
  4. Relationship between XBP1 genotype and personality traits assessed by TCI and NEO-FFI
  5. Serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism, peripheral indexes of serotonin function, and personality measures in families with alcoholism

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[edit] Reference

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