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Software (help)
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Developer: Neuroimaging in Python team
Language: Python
License: Revised BSD License
Parent(s): Python
Database(s): Open Hub
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NIPY is a Python package for neuroimaging. It is avaialable from

It is developed by the Neuroimaging in Python team with Matthew Brett, Bertrand Thirion, Jonathan Taylor and Jean-Baptiste Poline among others.

NIPY requires, apart from Python, Numpy, Scipy, Sympy and Nibabel.


[edit] Examples

[edit] Load and show a volume file

from nipy.testing import anatfile
from nipy import load_image
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
img = load_image(anatfile)
plt.matshow(img[:, :, 10])

[edit] Papers

  1. K. Jarrod Millman, Matthew Brett (2007). "Analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging in Python". Computing in Science and Engineering 9(3): 52-55. [1].
  2. BrainPy: an open source environment for the analysis and visualization of human brain data
  3. Matthew Brett, Jonathan Taylor, C. Burns, K. J. Millman (2009). NIPY: an open library and development framework for FMRI data analysis SPLtrak. 15th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping

[edit] Related

  1. Nipype: a flexible, lightweight and extensible neuroimaging data processing framework in Python

[edit] Related software

  1. BrainVISA, neuroimaging package also written in Python.
  2. dipy, Diffusion imaging
  3. Nipype, pipelining and interfaces. It has interfaces for nipy.
  4. NiBabel, neuroimaging file reading and writing.
  5. nitime, timeseries
  6. pbrain, EEG and ECoG
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