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Neuroscience Information Framework
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The Neuroscience Information Framework is a project and a "dynamic inventory of web-based neuroscience resources, data and tools accessible via the Internet". It is available from:

The NeuroLex wiki is supported by NIF.

The NIF inventory federates a number of neuroscience databases (as of October 27 databases) [1]:

  1. Allen Brain Atlas
  2. BAMS
  3. BAMS Connections
  4. BrainGeneExpression
  5. BrainInfo
  6. Brede Database
  7. Cell Centered Database
  8. Chemoreceptors
  9. CRCNS datasets
  10. Drugbank
  11. ExactAntigen
  12. GENSAT
  13. Grants
  14. IMSR
  15. Ki, a database of affinity values (Ki)
  16. MichiganAtlas
  17. Microarray Consortium
  18. ModelDB
  19. Neurofed
  21. NeuroDB
  22. NINDS
  23. NITRC tool registry
  25. OdorMapDB
  26. Rat Genome Database
  27. SumsDB

[edit] Neurogateway

A NIF Web-based database of tools and resources for neuroscience is available from:

It is sponsered by NIH Neuroscience Blueprint and Daniel Gardner is the principal investigator.

The database can be searched with XML or through HTML forms.

A full XML dump of the database is available [2].

[edit] NIF Webinars

NIF holds webminars on selected topics, e.g.:

  • Defined versus Asserted Classes: Working with NIF

OWL Ontologies,

[edit] Reference

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