Morten Mørup

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Morten Mørup
Affiliation: Section for Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark
Location: Denmark
Position: Associate Professor
Interest(s): Machine learning
Data mining
Multivariate analysis
Tensor factorization
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Morten Mørup is Associate Professor at the Section for Cognitive Systems at the Technical University of Denmark.

He is the developer of ERPWAVELAB

[edit] Work

  1. Algorithms for sparse nonnegative Tucker decompositions
  2. Archetypal analysis for machine learning and data mining
  3. Decomposing the time-frequency representation of EEG using nonnegative matrix and multi-way factorization
  4. ERPWAVELAB a toolbox for multi-channel analysis of time-frequency transformed event related potentials
  5. Infinite multiple membership relational modeling for complex networks
  6. Parallel Factor Analysis as an exploratory tool for wavelet transformed event-related EEG
  7. Shift-invariant multilinear decomposition of neuroimaging data

[edit] As co-author

  1. Defining a local arterial input function for perfusion MRI using independent component analysis
  2. Detecting hierarchical structure in networks
  3. Evaluation of the influence of uncertain forward models on the EEG source reconstruction problem
  4. Hierarchical Bayesian model for simultaneous EEG source and forward model reconstruction (SOFOMORE)
  5. Model order estimation for independent component analysis of epoched EEG signals
  6. Multiplicative updates for non-negative kernel SVM
  7. Nonnegative matrix factor 2-D deconvolution for blind single channel source separation
  8. Semi-supervised kernel PCA
  9. Scalable tensor factorizations for incomplete data
  10. SOFOMORE: combined EEG source and forward model reconstruction
  11. Sparse but emotional decomposition of lyrics
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