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Software (help)
Description: A matlab program to automatically neuroanatomical labeling
Developer: Arno Klein
Language: Matlab
License: GPL
Link: http://www.mindboggle.info/
Database(s): NITRC
Feature(s): Neuroanatomical labeling

Mindboggle developed by Arno Klein is a Matlab program for neuroanatomical labeling. The labeling may be based on multiple labeled brains.

As of 2009 February the software was undergoing a complete rewrite [1] (and seemed not to be available).

Other similar tools are:

[edit] Brain regions

Brain regions in the Mindboggle atlas

  1. Frontal pole
  2. Superior frontal
  3. Middle frontal
  4. Inferior frontal
  5. Orbital (frontal)
  6. Precentral
  7. Postcentral
  8. Superior parietal
  9. Inferior parietal
  10. Temporal pole
  11. Superior temporal
  12. Middle temporal
  13. Inferior temporal
  14. Fusiform
  15. Lingual/parahippocampal
  16. Occipital lobe
  17. Cingulate
  18. Insula

[edit] References

  1. Arno Klein, Brett Mensh, Satrajit Ghosh, Jason Tourville, Joy Hirsch (2005). "Mindboggle: Automated brain labeling with multiple atlases". BMC Medical Imaging 5: 7. doi: 10.1186/1471-2342-5-7.
  2. Arno Klein, Joy Hirsch (2005). "Mindboggle: a scatterbrained approach to automate brain labeling". NeuroImage 24(2): 261-280.
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