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Memory encoding
Memory retention
Memory retrieval
Spatial memory
Declarative memory
Explicit memory
Relational memory
Visual memory
Episodic memory
Flashbulb memory
Recognition memory

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Memory is a form of cognition and may be divided in several ways:

Temporal (retention time) classification

  1. Short-term memory
  2. Long-term memory

Processes of memory

  1. Memory encoding
  2. Memory retention — storing the memory between encoding and retrieval
  3. Memory retrieval — recalling the stored memory

Modes of memory:

  1. Auditory memory
  2. Spatial memory
  3. Visual memory

Other aspects

  1. Voluntary memory
  2. Involuntary memory[1]

For hippocampus various authors mentions a variety of memory types:[2] spatial memory (cognitive mapping), declarative memory, explicit memory, recollection and relational memory.

[edit] References

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