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Software (help)
Description: Python package for 3D visualizations
Developer: Enthought
Language: Python
License: BSD
Database(s): Open Hub Wikipedia
Feature(s): Visualization

Mayavi is a Python package for 3D scientific visualization. The program was originally developed by Prabhu Ramachandran with Gaël Varoquaux later making substantial contributions. The Enthought company has supported the development.

Mayavi is based on VTK and accepts Numpy data structures. Mayavi2 is a script associated with the package and it invokes a graphical user interface where 3D visualization can be built and manipulated. The mlab subpackage in inspired from matplotlib. Visualizations can be made interactive thought 'traits' package. The Mayavi package has also pipelining support.

Mayavi is used by, e.g., PySurfer.


[edit] Python

Mayavi uses, as VTK, a right-handed coordinate system, here shown with 3D points, 3D text and 3D lines:

from mayavi import mlab
mlab.points3d(0, 0, 0)   # Workaround for
mlab.text3d(1, 0, 0, "(1,0,0)", scale=0.1)
mlab.text3d(0, 1, 0, "(0,1,0)", scale=0.1)
mlab.text3d(0, 0, 1, "(0,0,1)", scale=0.1)
mlab.plot3d([0, 1], [0, 0], [0, 0])
mlab.plot3d([0, 0], [0, 1], [0, 0])
mlab.plot3d([0, 0], [0, 0], [0, 1])

[edit] Papers

  1. Mayavi: 3D visualization of scientific data
  2. Mayavi: making 3D data visualization reusable

[edit] Applications

  1. MEG and EEG data analysis with MNE-Python
  2. The Connectome Viewer Toolkit: an open source framework to manage, analyze, and visualize connectomes

[edit] Related software

  1. DataViewer3D
  2. MNE
  3. Vispy
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