Making Sense of Microposts

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Making Sense of Microposts (MSM2011)
Location: Heraklion Greece Map
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Extended Semantic Web Conference 2011

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Making Sense of Microposts was a workshop at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2011 about analysis of microposts, mostly text mining of Twitter messages.

The proceedings are published from:

Editors of the proceedings were Matthew Rowe, Milan Stankovic, Aba-Sah Dadzie and M. Hardey.

Note that there has been another workshop with similar acronym and topic: International Workshop on Modeling Social Media (MSM'2010)

[edit] Papers

  1. Nikola Milikic, Jelena Jovanovic, Milan Stankovic. "Discovering the dynamics of terms' semantic relatedness through Twitter".
  2. Katrin Weller, Evelyn Dröge, Cornelius Puschmann. "Citations in Twitter: approaches for defining and measuring citations within tweets during scientific conferences".
  3. Irene Celino, Daniele Dell'Aglio, Emanuele Della Valle, Yi Huang, Tony Lee, Stanley Park and Volker Tresp. "Making sense of location-based micro-posts using stream reasoning".
  4. Amparo E. Cano, Simon Tucker, Fabio Ciravegna. "Follow me: capturing entity-based semantics emerging from personal awareness streams".
  5. Anna Lisa Gentile, Amparo Elizabeth Cano Basave, Aba-Sah Dadzie, Vitaveska Lanfranchi, Neil Ireson. "Does size matter? when small is better".
  6. Finn Årup Nielsen. "A new ANEW: evaluation of a word list for sentiment analysis in microblogs".
  7. Smitashree Choudhury, John Breslin. "Extracting semantic entities and events from sports tweets".
  8. Jurgis Skilters, Monika Kreile, Uldis Bojars, Inta Brikse, Janis Pencis. "The pragmatics of political messages in Twitter communication".
  9. Diana Maynard, Adam Funk(2011). "Automatic detection of political opinions in tweets".

[edit] Others

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