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Software (help)
Description: Neuroimaging visualization
Developer: Chris Rorden
Language: Missing programming_language
License: New BSD
Feature(s): Neuroimaging visualization, Brain extraction, Region of interest editing, Volume rendering

MRIcro is a program for neuroimaging visualization. It runs on Windows and Linux. This tool is designed for Analyze format images used in SPM9*-SPM2. Note that most modern tools (SPM5+, FSL, etc) support the newer NIfTI format. Therefore, a newer version with significant changes is the MRIcron program ('MRIcro for NIfTI'). However, the older MRIcro remains popular while less powerful many find it more user friendly (2nd system effect). MRIcroGL is another derivate that requires a graphics card but provides interactive volume rednering.

The MRIcro program uses its own specilized format for storing volumentric region of interest masks. Matlab programs for handling this format are available from Hartmut Schütze

Also the Brede Toolbox has a function (brede_write_mricro_roi.m) that will write the ROI

Finally MRIcron has a function (Draw/Convert menu item) that converts MRIcro .ROI files to MRIcron .VOI files (which are NIfTI .nii.gz files with a different extension)

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