Left posterior cingulate gyrus

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Brain region (help)
Left posterior cingulate gyrus

Left posterior cingulate
Posterior cingulate gyrus, left
Gyrus cinguli posterior, left
Left posterior cingulate region
Left posterior cingulate cortex
Cingulum Post L

Category: Left posterior cingulate gyrus

Posterior cingulate gyrus
Left cingulate gyrus

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Left posterior cingulate gyrus is a brain region in the left side of the back part of the cingulate gyrus.

[edit] Papers

  1. Activation of human language processing brain regions after the presentation of random letter strings demonstrated with event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging
  2. Activation of left posterior cingulate gyrus by the auditory presentation of threat-related words: an fMRI study
  3. Central representation of chronic ongoing neuropathic pain studied by positron emission tomography
  4. Emotional responses to pleasant and unpleasant music correlate with activity in paralimbic brain regions
  5. Highly religious participants recruit areas of social cognition in personal prayer
  6. Human brain activity time-locked to narrative event boundaries
  7. Similar brain networks for detecting visuo-motor and visuo-proprioceptive synchrony

[edit] Bipolar MRI

  1. Cingulate cortex anatomical abnormalities in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder (included in BiND)
  2. Cingulate gyrus volumetry in drug free bipolar patients and patients treated with valproate or valproate and quetiapine (included in BiND)
  3. Reduced left anterior cingulate volumes in untreated bipolar patients (included in BiND)
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