Left inferior frontal gyrus

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Brain region (help)
Left inferior frontal gyrus
Abbreviations: LIFG Left IFG

Left inferior frontal
Left inferior frontal cortex
Gyrus frontalis inferior, left

Category: Left inferior frontal gyrus

Inferior frontal gyrus
Left frontal lobe


Left opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus
Left orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus

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Left inferior frontal gyrus is a brain region in the frontal lobe. It has been associated with phonological and semantic operations.[1]


[edit] Papers

[edit] Reviews

  1. A systematic review and quantitative appraisal of fMRI studies of verbal fluency: role of the left inferior frontal gyrus
  2. Self-awareness and the left inferior frontal gyrus: inner speech use during self-related processing

[edit] Neuroimaging

  1. Activation of human language processing brain regions after the presentation of random letter strings demonstrated with event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging
  2. Brain activation during dichotic presentations of consonant-vowel and musical instrument stimuli: a 15O-PET study
  3. Brain activity during observation of actions. influence of action content and subject's strategy
  4. Categorization and category effects in normal object recognition: a PET study
  5. Cerebral activation during micturition in normal men
  6. Cerebral processes related to visuomotor imagery and generation of simple finger movements studied with positron emission tomography
  7. Conceptual processing during the conscious resting state. a functional MRI study
  8. Effects of attention on dichotic listening: an 15O-PET study
  9. Functional neuroanatomy of verbal free recall: A replication study
  10. Knowing where and getting there: a human navigation network
  11. The representation of the verb's argument structure as disclosed by fMRI
  12. The role of action knowledge in the comprehension of artefacts - a PET study
  13. Word and non-word reading: what role for the visual word form area?

[edit] Brain lesion

  1. Left inferior frontal gyrus is critical for response inhibition

[edit] Reference

  1. S. G. Constafreda, C. H. Fu, L. Lee, B. Everitt, Michael J. Brammer, A. S. David (2006). "A systematic review and quantitative appraisal of fMRI studies of verbal fluency: role of the left inferior frontal gyrus". Human Brain Mapping 27(10): 799-810. PMID: 16511886.
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