Large-scale sentiment analysis for news and blogs

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Large-scale sentiment analysis for news and blogs
Authors: Namrata Godbole, Manjunath Srinivasaiah, Steven Skiena
Citation: missing booktitle  : 2007
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Meeting: ICWSM'2007
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Large-scale sentiment analysis for news and blogs describes a sentiment analysis system for news and blog entities based on the researchers Lydia text analysis system. The system is displayed online at:


A few results are described:

  1. Winning teams in baseball have generally a spike at +1 day after the game
  2. The find a correlation between sentiment and stock with a time lag of 1 day
  3. The observe that the sentiment is lower in the summer
  4. The observe that sentiment was lowest in April 2004 attributing this to the Madrid train bombings, the Abu Ghraib prison story and insurgency in Iraq.

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