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Klaus-Robert Müller (K.-R. Muller)
Affiliation: Machine Learning Group, Department of Computer Science, Berlin Institute of Technology
Location: Germany
Position: Professor
Interest(s): Machine learning
Databases: Google Scholar Scopus
Link(s): http://www.ml.tu-berlin.de/menue/mitglieder/klaus-robert_mueller/
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Klaus-Robert Müller from the Machine Learning Group, Department of Computer Science, Berlin Institute of Technology.

He held a keynote at 4th International Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing titled Multimodal imaging, non-stationarity and brain-computer interfacing.

[edit] Work

  1. Machine learning for real-time single-trial EEG-analysis: from brain-computer interfacing to mental state monitoring

[edit] As co-author

  1. A regularized discriminative framework for EEG analysis with application to brain-computer interface
  2. Brain-computer interfacing in discriminative and stationary subspaces
  3. Decoding cognitive brain states
  4. Finding brain oscillations with power dependencies in neuroimaging data
  5. First study towards linear control of an upper-limb neuroprosthesis with an EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface
  6. Multimodal imaging technique for rapid response brain-computer interface feedback
  7. Multiple kernel learning for brain-computer interfacing
  8. Optimizing spatial filters for robust EEG single-trial analysis
  9. SPoC: a novel framework for relating the amplitude of neuronal oscillations to behaviorally relevant parameters
  10. The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface: EEG-based communication without subject training
  11. Transferring subspaces between subjects in brain - Computer interfacing
  12. Tutorial on multimodal neuroimaging for brain-computer interfacing
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