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Jonathan E. Taylor
Affiliation: Department of Statistics, Stanford University
Location: United States of America
Position: Associate Professor
Interest(s): Gaussian process
Multiple comparisons
Neuroimaging analysis
HIV protein sequence analysis
Databases: Neurotree
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Jonathan E. Taylor is a statistician and Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics, Stanford University. He has been especially interested in Gaussian processes and is involved in the development of the Python packages statsmodels and NIPY.


[edit] Work

  1. A tail strength measure for assessing the overall significance in a dataset (2006)
  2. Detecting sparse signal in random fields, with an application to brain mapping
  3. Euler characteristics for Gaussian fields on manifolds
  4. Gaussian processes, Kinematic formulae and Poincare's limit
  5. Inference for magnitudes and delays of responses in the FIAC data using BRAINSTAT/FMRISTAT
  6. Random fields of multivariate test statistics, with an application to shape analysis
  7. The 'miss rate' for the analysis of gene expression data (2005)
  8. Too many ties? an empirical analysis of the Venezuelan recall referendum
  9. Validity of the expected Euler characteristic heuristic

[edit] As co-author

  1. Empirical null and false discovery rate analysis in neuroimaging (2009)

[edit] Books

  1. Random Fields and Geometry

[edit] Software

  1. NIPY
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