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Information diffusion
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Information diffusion, related to information virality.


[edit] Papers

  1. On the diffusion of messages in on-line social networks

[edit] Twitter

  1. Good friends, bad news - affect and virality in Twitter
  2. Measuring user influence, susceptibility and cynicalness in sentiment diffusion
  3. Online analysis of information diffusion in Twitter
  4. Predicting the speed, scale, and range of information diffusion in Twitter
  5. Police message diffusion on Twitter: analysing the reach of social media communications
  6. Predicting the speed, scale, and range of information diffusion in Twitter
  7. Social transmission, emotion, and the virality of online content
  8. The refraction champer: Twitter as sphere and network
  9. The role of multimedia content in determining the virality of social media information
  10. What makes online content viral?
  11. Whisper: tracing the spatiotemporal process of information diffusion in real time

[edit] Facebook

  1. How you met me

[edit] News

  1. Diffusion of knowledge of the major news story
  2. Diffusion of news of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
  3. News diffusion of assassination attempts on president Reagan and Pope John Paul II
  4. Reflections on news event diffusion research

[edit] Theses

  1. Lifespan and propagation of information in on-line social networks: a case study

[edit] External links

  1. Social Transmission, Emotion, and the Virality of Online Content
  2. The Formula for a Most-Emailed Story: Transcript
  3. LOL+WTF=$: An App That Shows Why Videos Go Viral
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