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Internet Brain Volume Database
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Internet Brain Volume Database (IBVD) is a neuroinformatics database from Center for Morphometric Analysis with data from published studies on brain volumes. It is available from:


As of March 2009 it had data from 421 publications. In November 2010 it had grown to 608 publications.

It has been used as a test case in a semantic Web application.[1] In the Brede Wiki the papers that are also available in IBVD are listed in the category Papers in IBVD and brain regions are listed in the category Brain regions in IBVD.

David Kennedy, Christian Haselgrove and co-workers are behind IBVD. The same group of researchers behind IBVD has also developed IATR and NITRC.


[edit] Brain regions

A number of brain regions are addressable from the Web [2].

Amygdala, anterior body(?), basal ganglia, brainstem, caudate nucleus, central gray matter, cerebellar cortex, cerebral cortex, corpus callosum, hippo-amygdala complex, hippocampus, hypothalamus, insula, lenticulate, nucleus accumbens, operculum, pallidum, pons, posterior body(?), putamen, thalamus, white matter and others.

[edit] Diagnosis

IBVD categorizes the data in diagnostic groups, e.g., "normal", schizophrenia, autistic disorder (autism), bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder (unipolar), Alzheimer's disease, ADHD, alcohol dependence, dementia, ...

[edit] References

  1. Karun Bakshi, David R. Karger(2005). "End-user application development for the semantic web". Proceedings of the ISWC 2005 Workshop on End User Semantic. [1]

[edit] Further reading

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