Gender bias in Wikipedia and Britannica

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Gender bias in Wikipedia and Britannica
Authors: Joseph Michael Reagle Jr., Lauren Rhue
Citation: International Journal of Communication 5 : 1138-1158. 2011
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Gender bias in Wikipedia and Britannica is a study on the possible gender bias in the the content of Wikipedia with examination of several thousand biographic articles in comparison to Britannica and other resources.


[edit] Data

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Britannica
  3. Six sources:
    1. National Women’s History Project
    2. The Atlantic's 100 most influential figures in American history
    3. TIME Magazine's list of 2008's most influential people
    4. Champers Biographical Dictionary
    5. American National Biography Online
    6. Wikipedia

[edit] Results

  • Wikipedia has more coverage than Britannica
  • Length of articles did not consistently differ.

[edit] Related papers

  1. Conflict, confidence, or criticism: An empirical examination of the gender gap in Wikipedia
  2. (Re)triggering backlash: responses to news of Wikipedia's gender gap
  3. Wiki-philosophizing in a marketplace of ideas: Evaluating Wikipedia's entries on seven great minds

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