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Software (help)
Description: Package for neuroimaging analysis, especially of functional magnetic resonance imaging
Developer: Analysis Group, FMRIB
Language: C
License: FMRIB Software Library license
Child(ren): FSLView, BET, FIRST
Link: http://www.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/
Database(s): IATR NDG NITRC Open Hub
Feature(s): Neuroimaging analysis, Neuroimaging visualization, Brain extraction, NIfTI reading

FSL (FMRIB Software Library) is a neuroimaging processing and analysis software package developed by the analysis group at Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain at University of Oxford headed by Stephen M. Smith.

Programs of the FSL package:

Neuroimaging brain extraction
Extract local peaks from volume
FMRIB's Diffusion Toolbox (FDT) 
Neuroimaging segmentation, neuroimaging registration
Neuroimaging visualization

Human brain atlases included in FSL [1]

  1. Harvard-Oxford Atlas with cortical and subcortical structural brain regions
  2. Jülich histological atlas
  3. JHU DTI-based white-matter atlases
  4. Oxford thalamic connectivity atlas
  5. Talairach atlas
  6. MNI structural atlas
  7. Probabilistic cerebellar atlas[1]

[edit] References

  1. J. Diedrichsen, J. H. Balster, E. Cussans, N. Ramnani (2009). "A probabilistic MR atlas of the human cerebellum". NeuroImage 46(1): 39-46. PMID: 19457380.
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