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Software (help)
Description: Python package for psychological experiments
Developer: Expyriment developers
Language: Python
License: GPL
Link: http://www.expyriment.org/
Database(s): Open Hub
Feature(s): Stimulus presentation

Expyriment "is an open-source and platform-independent lightweight Python library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioral and neuroimaging experiments." It is available from:


as well as the Python Package Index.

Expyriment is described in the paper:

Expyriment: A Python library for cognitive and neuroscientific experiments

Developers are:

It is developed from Github at:


Expyriment runs undeer Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS as well as on Android.

There are five modules:

  1. design
  2. stimuli
  3. io
  4. misc
  5. control

For precise video timing "GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two" OpenGL extension is important.

[edit] Papers

  1. Expyriment: a Python library for cognitive and neuroscientific experiments

[edit] Related software

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