Engaging with the world: students of comparative law write for Wikipedia

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Engaging with the world: students of comparative law write for Wikipedia
Authors: Normann Witzleb
Citation: Legal Education Review 19 (1 & 2): 83-97. 2009
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Engaging with the world: students of comparative law write for Wikipedia describes a writing exercise on Wikipedia for students in Comparative Law.

The author notes the following goals for students writing in Wikipedia

  1. Computer literacy
  2. Internet resource critique.
  3. Collaborative work preparation

Further issues:

  1. No standard textbook fully covered the current area.
  2. Writing introductory materials is a valuable learning exercise
  3. Information is made available to a wider audience
  4. The students gain an experience with self-reflective use of secondary sources

The exercise was divided into a writing assignment and a review assignment.

The author of the research paper had himself written for the Brockhaus Enzyklopädie.

Assessment criteria included content and style with compatibility with Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

The students could either publish on Wikipedia or present their assignment as a Word document.

[edit] Evaluation

The evaluation was from

  • The student perspective
  • The teacher perspective
  • Skills development in law students

The students were favorable to the assignment. The students complained about he workload

The workload for the exercise on the teachier was considerable because the teacher had to become familiar with Wikipeida. Another (future) issue is that it will become more difficult to find new topics to write about. Instead the teacher suggested to critically analyze existing articles.

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