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Elanor Colleoni
Affiliation: Copenhagen Business School
Department of Labour Studies and Welfare, University of Milan
Responsible Business in the Blogosphere
Location: Denmark
Position: Assistant Professor
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Link(s): http://www.cbs.dk/en/research/departments-and-centres/department-of-intercultural-communication-and-management/staff/elcikl
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Elanor Colleoni is Postdoc at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). She has a background in informatics and economic sociology. Colleoni has previously been at Department of Labour Studies and Welfare, University of Milan. At CBS she is involved in the project Responsible Business in the Blogosphere.

[edit] Work

  1. CSR communication strategies for organizational legitimacy in social media
  2. Echo Chamber or Public Sphere? Predicting Political Orientation and Measuring Political Homophily in Twitter Using Big Data
  3. Measuring corporate reputation using sentiment analysis
  4. Measuring skill level integrating administrative dataset and national collective agreement archive
  5. Modelling political disaffection from Twitter data
  6. The values of online social relations

[edit] As co-author

  1. General sentiment: an emerging value form in the information economy?
  2. Good friends, bad news - affect and virality in Twitter
  3. Mobilization and resistance through social media: analyzing content, effects and networks in CSR scandals in the chocolate industry
  4. Value in informational capitalism and on the Internet
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