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Software (help)
Description: Electroencephalography Python toolbox
Developer: Boris Reuderink
Language: Python
License: BSD
Feature(s): Electroencephalogram analysis

EEGtools is an electroencephalography (EEG) Python toolbox developed by Boris Reuderink and available from:

It is also available from the Python Package Index as "EEGtools".


[edit] Data

The toolbox contains functions that allow for easy download and load of EEG datasets.

  1. BCI Competition III.IVa dataset[1]
  2. Reuderink Affective Pacman dataset[2][3]
  3. Schalk PhysioBank dataset[4][5]

A subject from the BCI Competition III.IVa dataset is used in the example script of EEGtools. This example also uses the Common spatial patterns (CSP) algorithm from The quantitative extraction and topographic mapping of the abnormal components in the clinical EEG.

[edit] Methods

Common spatial patterns is implemented in eegtools.spatfilt.csp.

[edit] Example

Here with data from EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset in the European Data Format.

from import edfplus
# Load the data with eegtools
data = edfplus.load_edf('S001R01.edf')
# Plot with matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.plot(data.time, data.X[data.chan_lab.index('O1..'),:])

[edit] References

  1. Boosting bit rates in non-invasive EEG single-trial classifications by feature combination and multi-class paradigms
  2. The impact of loss of control on movement BCIs
  3. Affective Pacman: A frustrating game for brain-computer interface experiments
  4. BCI2000: a general-purpose brain-computer interface (BCI) system
  5. PhysioBank, PhysioToolkit, and PhysioNet: Components of a new research resource for complex physiologic signals
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