EEG-based communication: prospects and problems

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EEG-based communication: prospects and problems
Authors: Theresa M. Vaughan, Jonathan R. Wolpaw, Emanuel Donchin
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Rehabilitation Engineering 4 (4): 425-430. 1996 December
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EEG-based communication: prospects and problems is a 1996-review of brain-computer interfaces based on EEG It grew out of a workshop held in 1994.

Five approaches are discussed:

  1. Sutter's Short-latency visual evoked potentials[1]

[edit] Related papers

  1. Man-machine communications through brain-wave processing (1990)
  2. Talking off the top your head: toward a mental prothesis utilizing event-related brain potentials (1988)
  3. Toward direct brain-computer communication (1973)

[edit] References

  1. The brain response interface: communication through visually-induced electrical brain responses
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