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Content-based image retrieval
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Content-based information retrieval
Image retrieval

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Content-based image analysis is a kind of information retrieval where the scoring between the items in the database is determined based on the content of the image (i.e., the image itself) rather the textual metadata, such as tags.

For neuroimaging data is has been (a is) demonstrated for BrainMap and Brede Database,[1] e.g.:


[edit] Tools

[edit] Neuroscience

  1. Brede Database.
  2. NeuroVault

[edit] Papers

  1. Coordinate-based meta-analytic search for the SPM neuroimaging pipeline: the BredeQuery plugin for SPM5
  2. Finding related functional neuroimaging volumes
  3. Neuroscientific literature search based on the location coordinates in brain - BredeQuery plugin for SPM environment

[edit] Theses

  1. Neuroinformatics in functional neuroimaging

[edit] References

  1. Finding related functional neuroimaging volumes
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