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Basal ganglia


Left claustrum
Right claustrum

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Claustrum is a thin structure of grey matter between the insula and the putamen.

Nothing much is known about its function, but Francis C. Crick and Christof Koch has been guessed that it could be involved in consciousness and a electric stimulation study showed that what appeared to be consciousness could be affected.

[edit] Papers

[edit] Neuroimaging

  1. Correlations and dissociations between BOLD signal and P300 amplitude in an auditory oddball task: a parametric approach to combining fMRI and ERP
  2. Functional localization and lateralization of human olfactory cortex
  3. Functional localization of pain perception in the human brain studied by PET
  4. Men versus women on sexual brain function: prominent differences during tactile genital stimulation, but not during orgasm
  5. Response amplification in sensory-specific cortices during crossmodal binding
  6. The claustrum/insula region integrates conceptually related sounds and pictures
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