Carsten Stahlhut

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Carsten Stahlhut
Affiliation: Section for Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark
Location: Denmark
Position: Postdoc
Interest(s): Biomedical machine learning
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Carsten Stahlhut was a Postdoc at DTU Compute at the Technical University of Denmark.

Stahlhut has worked with evaluating EEG source confusion as well as the EEG source estimation problem and the Smartphone Brain Scanner.

[edit] Work

  1. An evaluation of EEG scanner's dependence on the imaging technique, forward model computation method, and array dimensionality
  2. Evaluation of the influence of uncertain forward models on the EEG source reconstruction problem
  3. Hierarchical Bayesian model for simultaneous EEG source and forward model reconstruction (SOFOMORE)
  4. On forward model uncertainty in EEG source localization
  5. Simultaneous EEG source and forward model reconstruction (SOFOMORE) using a hierarchical Bayesian approach
  6. SOFOMORE: combined EEG source and forward model reconstruction
  7. Sparse spatio-temporal inference of electromagnetic brain sources

[edit] Thesis

  1. EEG source localization using a hierarchical Bayesian approach

[edit] As co-author

  1. A neural marker of perceptual consciousness in infants
  2. A smartphone interface for a wireless EEG headset with real-time 3D reconstruction
  3. Frontal alpha oscillations distinguish leaders from followers: multivariate decoding of mutually interacting brains
  4. Mobile real-time EEG imaging Bayesian inference with sparse, temporally smooth source priors
  5. Smartphones as pocketable labs: visions for mobile brain imaging and neurofeedback
  6. Smartphones get emotional: mind reading images and reconstructing the neural sources
  7. Sparse source EEG imaging with the variational garrote
  8. Spatio temporal media components for neurofeedback
  9. Task-specific modulation of effective connectivity during two simple unimanual motor tasks: a 122-channel EEG study
  10. The smartphone brain scanner: A portable real-time neuroimaging system
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