Copenhagen Center for Computational Social Science Inaugural Workshop

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Copenhagen Center for Computational Social Science Inaugural Workshop (CCCSS Workshop)
Location: Copenhagen Denmark Map
Date & time: 2011-12-15 9:30 – 2011-12-15 16:30

Scientific meeting in Denmark

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Copenhagen Center for Computational Social Science Inaugural Workshop is a scientific workshop on computational social science organized by Anders Blok, Søren Kyllingsbæk, David Dreyer Lassen, Morten Axel Pedersen and Sune Lehmann associated with the Copenhagen Center for Computational Social Science.


Topics in the workshop included: complex systems, lifelogging, quantified self, social network analysis, georeferenced mobil phone data, Twitter, Facebook, privacy, Gaydar.[1] Quercia mentioned David Stillwell and Michal Kosinski that had made a Facebook application (myPersonality) with Big Five personality questionnaire.[2]

[edit] Relevant papers

  1. Analyzing Facebook privacy settings: user expectations vs. reality
  2. Computational social science
  3. Correlating mobile phone usage and travel behavior - a case study of Harbin, China
  4. Extracting clustered urban mobility and activities from georeferenced mobil phone datasets
  5. In the mood for being influential on Twitter
  6. Integration of DTU CampusNet and Facebook (Nicolai Guldager Jensen and Oliver Egeris Groth Master thesis)
  7. Learning behavioural patterns in a mobile context using smartphones (Jakub Ratajczak Master thesis 2011).
  8. Limits of predictability in human mobility
  9. Our Twitter profiles, our selves: predicting personality with Twitter
  10. Recognizing context using smartphones and social network analysis (Christian Raaby Master thesis 2011).
  11. Revisiting the quantitative-qualitative debate: implications for mixed-methods research
  12. The personality of popular Facebook users
  13. The spread of behavior in an online social network experiment
  14. Tracking "gross community happiness" from tweet
  15. Understanding individual human mobility patterns
  16. You are not a gadget: a manifesto
  17. You are who you know: inferring user profiles in online social networks

[edit] References

  1. Gaydar: Facebook friendships expose sexual orientation
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