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Brodmann area 38
Abbreviations: BA38 BA 38
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Brodmann area

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Brodmann area 38 (BA38) is a cytoarchitectonic brain area in the temporopolar region.

[edit] Papers

  1. Cerebral blood flow in subjects with social phobia during stressful speaking tasks: a PET study
  2. Cerebral representation of one's own past: neural networks involved in autobiographical memory
  3. Cognitive control associated with irritability induction: an autobiographical recall fMRI study
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  5. Functional mapping of human learning: a positron emission tomography activation study of eyeblink conditioning
  6. Functional neuroanatomy of verbal free recall: a replication study
  7. Gender difference in relationship between anxiety-related personality traits and cerebral brain glucose metabolism
  8. Neural basis of the retrieval of people's names: evidence from brain-damaged patients and fMRI
  9. Neural mechanisms of voluntary and involuntary recall: a PET study
  10. Neuroanatomical correlates of happiness, sadness, and disgust
  11. Neuroanatomical correlates of personality in the elderly
  12. Neuroanatomical substrata of amusement and sadness: a PET activation study using film stimuli
  13. Nonconscious formation and reactivation of semantic associations by way of the medial temporal lobe
  14. Other minds in the brain: a functional imaging study of "theory of mind" in story comprehension
  15. Posterior cingulate cortex activation by emotional words: fMRI evidence from a valence decision task
  16. Putative tests of frontal lobe function: a PET-study of brain activation during Stroop's test and verbal fluency
  17. Separate neural circuits for primary emotions? Brain activity during self-induced sadness and happiness in professional actors
  18. Reproducibility of fMRI results across four institutions using a spatial working memory task
  19. Task-related and item-related brain processes of memory retrieval
  20. The somatosensory representation of the human clitoris: an fMRI study
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