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brainspell is an "open, human-curated, classification of the neuroimaging literature".

The data is available for download from:

The columns in the CSV file are the following:

Description Example
Index(?) 3290 (starts from this value)
Title <![CDATA[Dissociable roles of prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices in deception.]]>
Authors Achim AM,Lepage M
Abstract Recent neuroimaging studies have shown...
Citation Abe N, Suzuki M, Tsukiura T, Mori E, Yamaguchi K et al. (2006) Cereb. Cortex 16(2):192-9
PMID 15858160
Index 1
List of JSONs <![CDATA[[{"title":" Brain regions showing activation in a main effect of deception","caption":"","locations":["-26,54,14","52,18,12","10,16,32"]}]]]>
MeSH as JSON {"space":"MNI","meshHeadings":[{"name":"Adolescent","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Adult","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Brain Mapping","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Deception","majorTopic":"Y"},{"name":"Dissociative Disorders","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Evoked Potentials","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Gyrus Cinguli","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Humans","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Lie Detection","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Male","majorTopic":"N"},{"name":"Prefrontal Cortex","majorTopic":"N"}]}
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