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Brain connectivity database
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A brain connectivity database is a neuroinformatics database that curates information about the connection between different brain regions.

  1. Allen mouse connectivity atlas [1]]
  2. BAMS, connectivity in the rat brain. A 2007 paper[1] could display a connectivity matrix with 486 neuronal regions based on the Swanson 1998 nomenclature.
  3. Brain Connectivity Toolbox [2]
  4. "Cat connectivity"/Scannell. Availability?[2]
  5. CoCoMac, connectivity in the macaque monkey brain.
  6. ConnectomeWiki, a collaborative effort to create a knowledge base for brain connectivity across species, based on semantic wiki technology
  7. NeSys, connections in the rat brain.
  8. NeuroHomology Database, a database that seems to be no longer available and with its functionality taken over by BAMS.
  9. NeuroScholar.[3]
  10. NIF, The NIF Web service federates the BAMS connectivity database
  11. Thalamic Connectivity Atlas, connections from points in the thalamus to each of seven different cerebral cortical zones (primary motor cortex, sensory cortex, occipital cortex, pre-frontal cortex, pre-motor cortex, posterior parietal cortex and temporal cortex) based on probabilistic diffusion tractography in multiple subjects
  12. XANAT,[4] [3]

See also list in CoCoMac 2.0 and the future of tract-tracing databases

A number of the authors behind the connectivity databases wrote in 2009 a review article A proposal for a coordinated effort for the determination of brainwide neuroanatomical connectivity in model organisms at a mesoscopic scale.

[edit] References

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