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Brain Architecture Management System
Abbreviations: BAMS
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Brain connectivity database

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The Brain Architecture Management System (BAMS) is an Web-based resource with information about neural circuitry, among other functions a brain connectivity database and an ontology of brain regions.

BAMS provides several ways of searching for information within the database. The URL for searching on, e.g., the "cerebellum" is:

The brain connectivity database part of BAMS is based on four different nomenclatures: Swanson-1998 (see e.g.[1]), Paxinos/Watson-1998, Swanson-2004 and Felleman & van Essen.

[edit] Papers

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[edit] Applications

  1. Large-scale extraction of brain connectivity from the neuroscientific literature

[edit] See also

  1. Knowledge Engineering from Experimental Design
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